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What We Do

Orion Solutions brings a fresh approach to Professional Recruiting – with a strong emphasis on the word “professional.” We develop a deep understanding of the job requirements and the type of personality that will be successful within the client’s direct team and the overall organization. At the same time, we constantly work to build relationships with candidates who represent the top people in their fields.

Orion Solutions is often asked to help when other recruiting efforts have failed to produce the right candidate.  We do not stop until the client has the right person.

We have placed people at more than 100 companies, ranging from pre-revenue startups to the Fortune 500.

One client alone has used Orion Solutions to hire more than 70 people. 


Every candidate must pass multiple levels of screening, including an interview with an industry and/or functional expert.

Let's Work Together

Need help finding the right candidates for your team? Contact us to see if we can help.

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