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Leadership Development Program

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Our client, a global financial services company, created an international leadership development program. The targeted professionals for this program included people with strong business acumen, advanced degrees, and fluency in at least two languages. The professionals also needed to be globally mobile and able to relocate internationally up to a year at a time.

Our Solution

Orion Solutions proposed a fixed price recruiting solution based on a highly disciplined screening approach. First, we assigned a core team of recruiters to focus on the initiative and developed a pool of potential candidates from college campuses, professional organizations, and consulting firms. The next phase included a language proficiency call with client personnel from other countries, and an on-site interview with the HR executive. Those passing this stage were invited into a comprehensive day-long assessment by key client executives.

Client Outcome

Orion Solutions succeeded in placing all the open positions, and kept the cost per hire below market rates. Orion Solutions was asked to run the program multiple times until the client built up enough internal structure to take it over.

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